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chanting mantras

sound travelling 

overton chanting

since I play music almost all my life, music, singing and chanting has been always offering a colorful bunch of flowers to my soul 
to adore, to smell and to be tasted deeply by closed eyes or dancing with it ...

I learnt classical oboe, then autodidacital start to train and play accustic and electric guitar, alto and sopranosax, native flutes from south and north america, india, metal and cristal singing bowls and finally took lessons on overtone chanting.

there are some saples of my music - either composed and recorded by my self or composed or improvised and recorded together with my brothers or friends in bands I played:

music composition:

composition to help a little boy to get some sleep
playing basically native north american flute

composition chanting mantras:

composition chanting the mantra "Ohm Ah Hung", chanting overtones   and playing flute

composition within band "Fun-Q":

playing altosax, funky guitar, sopranosax

sound Travelling:

video clip on spiritual sound travelling on the 5 elements
element fire
element earth
element water
element air
element space

overtone chanting:

composition of recording and setting up together several overtone chants


integral buddhism

fourth turning


  • very ancient and modern, scientific methods combined

  • combined meditation on the relative and the absolute level

  • heartfelt, mindful meditation on a Tibetan Buddhist (dzogchen) authentic background combined with heart intelligence (Heartmath) and modern psychotherapeutical methods

  • it is a 4-steps-meditation. as you wish and due to the time you have, you can do only one step, several steps or all four steps all along.

  • please watch out not to be disturbed by anyone or the phone during the meditation !“


  1. mindfullness/settling down:                                                            we sit on a meditation cushion or on a chair at a quite place with eyes closed or half open, in front of a candle and focus at our breath going in and out, feeling our belly rising and falling. we visualize a glass with muddy water, the water clearing up slowly slowly, when the mud settle on the bottom of the glass. if there are strong thoughts, that keep on stirring up the water, we visualize a safe with strong walls and a door to be locked safely; then we take these thoughts and put them into the safe, close and lock the door.                                              
  2. heart opening:                                                                                        we then continue breathing by focussing now our breath on our heart. by remembering and connecting with a moment when we have been completely loved and cared, we keep on breathing and open our hearts. when our hearts open our heartintelligence, the heart-brain, is activated and starts to coordinates the autonomic nervous system and other vital systems in our body.                                                                        
  3. transformation:                                                                                     if there are strong thoughts and emotions bothering us, we visualize to take these feelings out of the safe in a big bubble and bring them inside it to be merged with our heart. There, the power of our living and radiating heart with its heartintelligence is transforming it into an answer, a positive idea (both relative wisdom) or the thoughts and emotions are just absorbed by the universal, absolute space.                                                             
  4. deep listening:                                                                                    then we use the picture of a small light within our body is merging into the huge absolute, endless light of the sky and ultimate space. we sink into the open, loving arms of our pimordial home, to our spiritual father or mother where we come from. merged into the endless space we mindfully listen into the silence of it  and rest ...