5 Elements Men's work and Coaching

To work with the 5 elements is a journey and a diving into the elementary powers of manhood by getting them to know deeply and practically 
and by applying them in your daily life ...

It is about balancing and growing yourself by this elementary, inner work in moments of your life when you are single, or seperated or a in personal crisis -  so to say: "boiling in your own juices and spices". Of course you can do this work also while living in a close relationship.

By using the five classical, occidental elements we want to learn deeply about the essential aspects of BEING A MAN today: attractive, relaxed and with actual power and joy. 

In the end the goal is to live all 5 elements together, balanced and simultanously, 
first in your life and then in your relationships ...

The Five Elements are:


♂  the fiery, fully alive, all present, angry, sexual, wild man !


♂ the embodied, earthy, nurtured, sensual, domestic man !


♂ the humorous, openhearted, emotional, caring, flexible man !


♂  the breathing, knowing, understanding, thoughtful man !

Space - Quintessence

♂  the spiritual, resting-in-peace, wise man !

5 Elements, Holistic Man Coaching Online

If you are interested to start your journey into the 5 Elements Man Coaching 
please contact me. The coaching will be held on Skype.