Dr. Thomas Rüedi

Backgrounds, trainings and experiences

Holistic Dental Naturopathic Medicine 

Comprehensive studies, experienced practicing along with long-term post-graduate advanced training in Holistic-Naturopathic Dentistry. Study and Master of Dental Sience University of Basel;
Doctoral Dissertation in Homeopathy, Universty of Basel
Basic training in classical homeopathy at the Swiss Society of Homeopathy and Phytotherapy.
Certification in holistic dentistry Swiss Society of Holistic Dentistry SGZM; former board member; member of the International Society of Holistic Dentistry GZM
Member of Swiss Dental Society SSO and International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology IAOMT;
Office of holistic dentistry in Chur, Switzerland
Publications book "Zähne ganzheitlich behandeln" ("Treating teeth holistically") articles in German
Expert on holistic dentistry on swiss television (PULS)
Podcast "Value of Holistic-Integrative Approaches on Health and Recovery"

Integral Philosophy /Coaching

Ken Wilber, read several books
Integral Life Practice as part of my life
Integral Philsophy and Map as the most holistic framework existing in the Westen world
Work with integral slogans

  • Wake up
  • Grow up
  • Clean up
  • Show up

Integral Coaching for one year with an integral recovery coach
Modern, integral Buddhism  "The Fourth Turning" of the Dharma Wheel - I understand this as the integration of a very ancient, powerful tradition with an acutal holistic view.

Spirituality  Tibet. Buddhism Dzogchen

Spiritual Group with Keith Sherwood
Several seminars with Tom Johanson
Books of Sri Aurobindo
Tibetan Buddhism:
RIGPA Sangha Switzerland, basic study, leader training
Founder and former leader of Verein Shenpen Suisse (see also http://www. dzogchen.org.in/shenpen) as a president
Student of H.E. 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche
Retreats in Switzerland and at Dzogchen Monastery South India
Studying Sufism by reading, meditating and contemplating books of Reshad Feild and Rumi
Integral Buddhism --
as a modern, actual very skillful spiritual approach -- is my favorite form of spirituality.

Leadership Men's Work Trainer

Long-term Men's groups member
Men's-Training: "Herzens-kriegertraining" (famous german men's training) and assistant of Björn Torsten Leimbach
Leading men's groups at Verein maenner.gr
Leader of men "ground level starter" seminars (on issues like: father, work, wild man, relationship, sexuality, spirituality) within Verein maenner.gr
Founder and former leader as co-president of the Verein maenner.gr
Founder and owner of "Ganz-und-gar-Mann-sein" (to be man throughout)
Creator of "5 Elements men's training" and book author 

Classical Music Bands, Sound-Travelling

Training in classical Oboe for 15 years
Playing in orchestras
Autodidactic training and practice of several instruments (acoustic + electric guitar, soprano and alto sax, several flutes, singing bowls, etc.)
Training in overtone chanting with Dana Gita Stratil
Music in Bands: " The Slubbers", "Andromeda", "Drei Rüedis verstärkt" (three Rüedi strengthened), "Funk you" (classic rock, funk, jazz-rock, spiritual music etc.)
Sound-travelling improvised music in churches
Spiritual sound-travelling
with the five elements.
Most recent I am happy to play with my brothers (electric bass, vibraphone) in a trio - soprano sax.

United Nations "Flying Dentist"

Experienced to be part of an international military community to serve a new nation being born.
As Captain serving in Swiss Medical Unit at the United Nations UNTAG (United Nations Transition Assistance Group) in Namibia, South-West-Africa.
As a "Flying Dentist" traveled by airplane or helicopter around to work in 3 different clinics throughout Namibia caring for UN-troups and local children and people.

Humanitarian Engagements

To help, improve and serve people with very simple tools at medically under-developed places in the world.
Humanitarian engage-ments as dentist at the Tibetan Refugee Camp Dhondenling in South India
during the United Nations service UNTAG in Namibia, South-West-Africa.
Basic treatments, check-ups and oral hygiene-training with tibetan refugees, monks at the Dzogchen Monastery and local, African people, including clinics for bushmen people out in the country.

Highly Sensitive Person / Men

In the last couple of years I discovered and verified that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) / Man (HSM).
I then studied many books by Dr. Elaine Aron and Dr. Ted Zeff - with whom I also had a Skype-Session - and had intense integral coaching with Dr. Bob Weathers finding out, that there is scientific work on the issue since the 1990's, that there are 15-20 % HSP all over mankind, that my brain and nervous system work differently, I am more aware of subtleties, get easily overwhelmed and I have to process it much longer. I realized that boys and men may be concerned in particular, because to be highly sensitive is to be viewed as "unmanly". It took me a while to integrate it as a trait that very much enriches my life.

Multiple Trauma ACE

Personal trauma work as a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up and show-ing up (see integral philosophy).
Multiple early childhood traumata with a high ACE-Score (adverse childhood experience)
Worked on it with Somatic Experiencing (SE) for 4 years with Beat Eichl, senior assistant of Peter Levine in Switzerland.
Healing work on it with Full Body Presence, a seminar at Esalen led by Suzanne Scurlock-Duranna, including initiation ex-perience; continuing for 2 years.
Intensive Integral Coa-ching on trauma with the experienced integral recovery coach Dr. Bob Weathers.

Initiations and Visions

Several Initiation- and Vision-experiences at

  • Dzogchen-Buddhist practices - several times I received transmissions of Dzogchen wisdom practises by H.E. 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche at seminars in South India, Germany and Switzerland.
  • "Herzenskrieger-Männer-Training" (Heart-Warrior-Men's Training) in Germany; initiation into manhood
  • Fire-walk seminars in Switzerland; being able to walk on 700 Degrees Celsius glowing embers - we can do almost anything ... !
  • Kundalini awakening experience at Full- body presence seminar in Esalen, California
  • Heart awakening experience at the harborage Casa Betulla, Switzerland
  • Curing severe, chronic sicknesses (Lyme borreliosis, Burnout, Overweight, Diabetes, etc.) opened and continue opening me up to crucial insights for my path of life.

Swiss Scouting Leadership

As my parents did, I joined the Swiss Scouting Movement starting in boyhood. There I went through all the stages of "Wulf" (Cub scout), "Scout" (Boy scout), "Pioneer", "Rover" (Rover Scout) ending up being trained and active in several leading positions: such as Wulf leader (Wolfleiter), Wulf tier leader (Wolf-stufenleiter), Rover tier leader (Roverstufenleiter) and finally Corps leader (Corpsleiter).
35 years of my life I was member of the scout movement.
In 1986 I joined a International Bicentennial Cam-poree in Connecticut USA
As Corps leader I led a summer corps camp in the southeast of Switzerland with 5 boys from Belarus out of the region of Chernobyl (after the nuclear desaster).

Living in a Kibbutz, Israel

Upon finishing high school in 1981 I had the opportunity to travel to Israel, to work and life in a Kibbutz and travel around the country. The fist time in my life when I left my family, Europe and was on my own - quite scary ...
The Kibbutz "Kfar Ruppin" is situated at the border with Jordan. There I experienced being part of a community and I worked in several parts of the Kibbutz.
Then I travelled to most regions within Israel: the boarder of Lebanon, Golan, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Sinai (belonging to Israel at this time) and Jerusalem.
It was the first time in my life I stepped out into a completely alien part of the world to experience it with my own eyes and senses. It changed my view of the Middle East right up until now, recognizing that it is a fascinating and rich part of the world. I learned there: Whenever you can go and see the world yourself, make up your own mind ... and go !