Holistic Spirituality

To face the challenges of modern life, we need to evolve a new view of awakening by being balanced within the wisdom of the Absolute and the Relative. Human developement is the Indigenous, traditional and modern work to equilibrate relative polarities by connecting ourselves to the truth and wisdom that is in elderhood, within all creation and the living organism planet earth. But it is also to stay deeply connected within the wisdom of the absolute world, the heavens, that is and has always been with and beyond all creation. To meet a holistic spirituality by living a holistic world view we can walk "The Path of the Three Steps" to experience both - the Relative and the Absolute - to finally get a taste of ONENESS.

Holistic Spiritualty* meets holistic worldview !


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Three Steps Into Oneness 

Holistic Spirituality* as a new View on Awakening including Indigenous, Traditional and Modern Wisdom

Available as Soft- Hardcover or Ebook ... !

“A brilliant exposition of the most needed, next step in the evolution of human consciousness.” 

Dr. Bob Weathers, PhD, Recovery Coach

"Written with heart, passion, and a discerning and penetrating clarity, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to find a deeper meaning in the world.” 

Keith Martin-Smith, Awarded Book Author + Book Coach

“Congratulation, “Three Steps into Oneness" is an incredible book … it is a magnum opus / masterpiece for this time … could not be a better time to publish it !”

Dr. Robert Weathers, PhD, Recovery Coach, Los Angeles USA