Thomas' Holistic world view

Something that is whole, complete is more than just the sum of its single components

Our planet earth is a living organism

We as humans are just one of several cohabitants, a part of this giant organism earth

Microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, fughi etc. - are first of all natural creatures living ever since and long before human beings on this planet

Most importantly, it is all about a healthy coexistence between microorganisms and humans

A healthy human life is a constant process of developement, that is in movement all along our lives

The living organisms earth, nature and humans etc. are primarily self-reliant, autonomous, self-regulating and self-healing ecosystems - homoestasis

We human beings are spiritual beings living in "body-houses"

Our body-houses are composed of different levels - physical-substantial, vegetative-autonomous, emotional-sensitive and mental-cognitive

Human beings can be understood also as built up out of the 5 elements - earth, water, air, fire and quintessence/space - that all need to be balanced

Sickness in humans are natural and important - they can be understood as necessary "updates" or even "upgrades" of individual and collective human developements

When we humans behave as pathogenetic, sickening microorganisms on the organism earth, then we experience the immunsystem of it - pandemics, nature disasters etc.

Human life has two levels or worlds - the relative, substantial and the absolute, divine world - and need to be lived balanced in this polarity 

In this time of "Kali Yoga" we can experience a relative human world in the absence of wisdom 

We as human beings urgently need to re-discover, integrate and live the wisdom within the Relative and the Absolute

We need more nations like Buthan, a landlocked country in asia, where a "Gross National Happiness" instead of "Gross National Porduct" is measured by a particular governmental department